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Flat Head Screws

We have invested heavily in our production and design facilities, enabling us to offer LTA, JIT, KANBAN, bar coding, VMI programs and much more. As an AS9100 certified manufacturer and an AS9120 distributor, we operate to the very highest industry standards. All our products are made in compliance with relevant ITAR and EAR requirements, so when you deal with us, you know you're

AN505–AN507 NAS514 NAS2803–NAS2810
AN509–AN510 NAS517 NAS2832–NAS2840
AN550 NAS548 NAS2852–NAS2860
MS16199 NAS560 NAS4104–NAS4116
MS16218–MS16219 NAS583–NAS590 NAS4204–NAS4216
MS18211 NAS662–NAS668 NAS4303
MS21091–MS21093 NAS723 NAS4304–NAS4316
MS21130 NAS1102 NAS4400–NAS4416
MS21207 NAS1151–NAS1158 NAS4500–NAS4516
MS21270 NAS1161–NAS1168 NAS4600–NAS4616
MS24583 NAS1189 NAS4703–NAS4716
MS24615–MS24616 NAS1191 NAS4803–NAS4816
MS24619–MS24620 NAS1202–NAS1210 NAS4903–NAS4916
MS24623–MS24624 NAS1219–NAS1221 NAS5600–NAS5606
MS24627–MS24628 NAS1243–NAS1250 NAS5700–NAS5706
MS24635–MS24640 NAS1253–NAS1270 NAS5800–NAS5806
MS24643–MS24648 NAS1292–NAS1296 NAS7103–NAS7116
MS24693–MS24694 NAS1299 NAS7203–NAS7216
MS35188–MS35203 NAS1393 NAS7303–NAS7316
MS35237–MS35238 NAS1503–NAS1510 NAS7400–NAS7416
MS35249–MS35250 NAS1580–NAS1582 NAS7500–NAS7516
MS51862 NAS1603–NAS1610 NAS7600–NAS7616
MS51870 NAS1620–NAS1628 NAS8602–NAS8616
MS51959 NAS1703–NAS1710 NAS8702–NAS8716
NAS200–NAS201 NAS1741 NAS8802–NAS8816
NAS204–NAS219 NAS1972–NAS1980  
NAS330–NAS340 NAS1992–NAS2000