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Pan Head Screws

We have invested heavily in our production and design facilities, enabling us to offer LTA, JIT, KANBAN, bar coding, VMI programs and much more. As an AS9100 certified manufacturer and an AS9120 distributor, we operate to the very highest industry standards. All our products are made in compliance with relevant ITAR and EAR requirements, so when you deal with us, you know you're

MS16200 NAS720 NAS5000–NAS5006
MS18212 NAS722 NAS5100–NAS5106
MS21090 NAS1083–NAS1088 NAS5200–NAS5206
MS21096–MS21097 NAS1100 NAS7700–NAS7706
MS21271 NAS1131–NAS1138 NAS7800–NAS7806
MS24584 NAS1141–NAS1148 NAS7900–NAS7906
MS24617–MS24618 NAS1171–NAS1178 NAS8000–NAS8006
MS24621–MS24622 NAS1190 NAS8100–NAS8106
MS24625–MS24626 NAS1216–NAS1218  
MS24629–MS24630 NAS1298  
MS24641–MS24642 NAS1301  
MS24645–MS24646 NAS1402–NAS1406  
MS24649–MS24650 NAS1579  
MS27039 NAS1630–NAS1635  
MS35204–MS35237 NAS8200–NAS8206  
MS51861 NAS1982–NAS1990  
MS51863 NAS2842–NAS2850  
MS51957–MS51958 NAS3212–NAS3213